Oral Cancer Examination

Oral Cancer Screening Tests from Your Casula Dentist


Oral Cancer Examination Casula

Our advanced dental facility comes equipped with a cutting-edge system to help scan for and detect oral cancer at the earliest possible stage.

For optimal oral health and to ensure early detection, we recommend screening once a year for adults.

The process is done quickly and painlessly and can be performed during a regular check-up visit at affordable rates.

Oral Cancer Facts

  • Oral cancer is 3 times as common as cervical cancer
  • Oral cancer survival rates have been stagnant for 30 years, with most cases found out during more advanced stages
  • Survival rates are higher when diagnosed during the early stages
  • Yearly oral cancer screenings are recommended by physicians

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

  • Mouth sores and ulcers that don’t go away
  • Pain in mouth and/or ear
  • Swelling or lump in the neck
  • Difficulty or irregular swallowing
  • Persistent sore throat without any symptoms of colds or other illness

Additional Tests for Oral Cancer Examination

Some dentists use other special tests in addition to the oral examinations.

These may involve the following:

Rinsing your mouth with a special dye before an exam. Abnormal cells in your mouth may be stained and detected through this method.

Shining a special light in your mouth. This special light makes healthy tissues appear dark and makes abnormal tissues appear white.


If your Casula dentist detects any signs of oral cancer or precancerous lesions, we recommend the following:

Follow-up visits a few weeks after to see if the abnormal area is still there and take note whether it has changed over time.

Biopsy procedure to determine whether cancer cells are present. A sample of cells will be removed for laboratory testing. Your Casula dentist may perform the biopsy, or you may be referred to a specialist in oral cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Oral Cancer Examination in Casula

An oral cancer examination is not just a simple medical exam; it’s an opportunity for a person to talk to the dentist about fears and concerns, and to ask for advice about decreasing his risk.

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Where does oral cancer occur?
Most oral cancers occur in the floor of mouth and tongue but can also occur in the upper or lower jaw, lips, gums, and cheek lining.
Who is most at risk for oral cancer?
Smokers and heavy alcohol drinkers are more likely to develop oral cancer.

People with a history of oral human papillomavirus infections are at greater risk to develop oral cancer even if they don’t smoke or drink.

What causes oral cancer?
Tobacco and alcohol use are the main risk factors for oral cancer. They are both risk factors by themselves, but the risks are even greater for people who use both.

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