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Family-friendly Practice in Casula

Casula Dental Care is a newly opened practice and we’re excited to offer the same high standard of care and meticulous approach in Casula.

The team at Casula is here to make every visit to the dentist affordable and as easy as possible for every patient.

Individual Care

We are a family-friendly practice, welcoming patients of all ages in Casula and the surrounding areas.

You’ll see that we always take the time to explain the treatment options available, and why we recommend them.

That’s because we want our patients to feel confident in their choice of treatment and the expected results.

Always Available When You Need Us

Our practice is open seven days a week, which means that you’ll always be able to find a time that is convenient for you and your family for your treatments and check-ups.

You’ll also have the comfort of knowing that we’ll be able to see you quickly to have you pain-free again if you have any problems with your teeth.

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Reasonably Priced Treatments

A trip to the dentist should be affordable for the whole family.

Our dental treatments are competitively priced, and we have a range of no-gap general dental treatments available.

We’ll let you know exactly how much a treatment will cost. There won’t be any surprise costs hidden in a treatment plan.

Our approach to pricing

If you have private health cover (with any Australian health fund that includes dental cover) you can take advantage of our no-gap general dental treatments.
Children who are eligible under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) are bulk billed.
If you’re not sure if your child is eligible, please call us. Our friendly team will check for you.
dr namrata pulapaka casula dentist

Dr Namrata Pulapaka

BMedSci, MCom, DMD (USyd)

Namrata graduated from the Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Sydney, after having completed a Bachelors degree in Medical Science and a Masters degree in Commerce at the University of New South Wales.

She has had the opportunity to work both in metro and rural NSW, and her gentle, friendly and empathetic nature has allowed her to build great rapport with her patients of all ages while delivering excellent care.

Namrata enjoys working with paediatric patients and building positive dental experiences with them.

Outside of dentistry Namrata likes travelling, dabbling in the arts, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

dr anton tran casula

Dr Anton Tran

Bachelor of Dental Science (Hons.) – University of Queensland

Dr Tran’s gentle and meticulous approach helps patients feel comfortable and relaxed at the dentist. He has an interest in all areas of dentistry and enjoys keeping up with the literature to ensure he provides the best care to his patients.

Dr Tran is a Western Sydney local and after studying in Queensland is excited to move back near home and serve the local community.

Outside of work he enjoys going to the gym, travelling, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

He is a member of the Australian Dental Association (Qld).

dr ishpreet singh arora dentist casula

Dr Ishpreet Singh Arora

Dr Ish is an alumnus of The University of Sydney, completing his Doctor of Dental Medicine as well as his Bachelor of Applied Science (Diagnostic Radiography). He is a registered Radiographer as well as General dentist with a keen interest in restorative dentistry, difficult extractions and oral surgery.

He has worked as a dentist in both rural and metro NSW working across major trauma and tertiary hospitals and is a Pre-clinical Educator (Tutor) for Restorative Dentistry at The University of Sydney.

He believes in treating the whole patient, building excellent rapport with patients, and understanding their dental needs. He takes care in explaining the details of the procedures to ensure patients have a comprehensive understanding.

He is a member of the Australian Dental Association and Australian Asian Association of Dentists. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, learning different life skills and is an avid F1 fan.

Latest Techniques

We provide procedures that not only solve your dental problems but also take away your fears when visiting the dentist.

Innovative Technology

Casula Dental Care is always on the lookout for new and emerging technology to make our patients’ experience as comfortable as possible.

Certified Experts

At Casula Dental Care, we accept the following health insurance providers BUPA, GMF, GMBHA and CBHS.

Casula Dental Care Gallery

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Teeth Whitening


Dental Implants



Dental FAQ’s

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions we receive from our patients.

Is flossing really necessary?

Flossing clears food and plaque from teeth and under the gums.

If you don’t floss, the plaque will harden into tartar, which forms wedges and widens the space between teeth and gums, causing pockets. Over time, gums recede, and teeth loosen.

Does mouthwashing help?

Mouthwashes may help when used with regular brushing and flossing – but not in replacement of them.

What are the early signs of dental problems?

Visit your Casula dentist if you have any of these problems:

Getting checked immediately helps prevent more severe problems and infections.

Why do I need dental examinations?

Regular dental check-ups help detect problems early on to prevent bigger and more costly treatments later.

One should undergo dental exams every six months, or more often if your Casula dentist recommends it.

Do teeth need fluoride?

Fluoride helps strengthen teeth and prevents decay from forming. Kids should use fluoride-containing toothpaste for brushing.

Adults can also benefit from using fluoride to protect their teeth.

What do fissure sealants do?

Fissure sealants protect teeth against cavities that can form in their natural tiny holes and cracks.

Kids aged from 6 to 12 benefit from having fissure sealants painted and hardened on the chewing surfaces of the molars.

I have damaged teeth. How can I repair them?

Dental crowns improve and protect teeth by covering them in a material that looks and feels like a real tooth. They use the root and inside of the tooth as an anchor, then attach with a special bonding agent.

Veneers enhance your smile by attaching a layer of porcelain or resin to the natural tooth, covering discoloured or stained teeth.

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