Children’s Dental Emergencies

Same-Day Dental Emergency Appointment Available in Casula

Children’s Dental Emergencies Casula

Dental emergencies can happen to children anytime, anywhere. Understanding how to manage dental accidents can mean the difference between saving or losing your child’s permanent tooth.


If your child experiences a dental emergency, seek treatment immediately. Our emergency kid’s dentist in Casula can offer care in a child-friendly environment.

Delaying care can lead to more complications and require more extensive treatment. We understand that many children are scared of visiting the dentist, so we strive to make every child feel safe and calm during their treatment process.

If your children are suffering from pain or another dental emergency, please contact your Casula dentist immediately.

Is it a dental emergency?

If you are unsure of what a dental emergency is, check out the following questions:

  • Is the child bleeding through the mouth?
  • Is there any pain?
  • Are there any knocked-out teeth?
  • Are there any swelling in the mouth or the gums?

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, your child might be having a dental emergency, and he/she needs to see a kid’s dentist right away.

Common Children’s Dental Emergencies in Casula

Read on to discover more about the most common childhood dental emergencies and how to manage them at home (before visiting your dentist, if necessary).

Z Dental Pain/Toothache

Rinse your child’s mouth with lukewarm saltwater. This helps alleviate pain and relieves tenderness. Use a cold compress to lessen swelling and painful twinges.

Clear the mouth of food debris. Do not give aspirin to your child. This can only cause additional complication. Most importantly, see your dentist directly.

Z Object caught between teeth

If your child has something stuck between their teeth, try to remove the object using dental floss. Never use a metal, plastic, or pointed tool to remove the stuck object. If you are unable to dislodge the object with dental floss, give us a call immediately.

Z Broken, Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Rinse your child’s mouth with lukewarm saltwater and apply an ice pack to his/her face, against the affected area. Go to your dentist right away.

Z Dislodged or Knocked-out Tooth

If your child’s tooth loosens because of trauma, call your dentist as soon as possible. While waiting to go to your dentist, clean your child’s mouth with lukewarm saltwater.

Do not try to return a primary tooth (baby tooth) to its socket. It may harm the growth of the permanent tooth under the gums.

Z Bitten Tongue or Lip

Clean the area with clean, wet gauze and place a cold compress on the face to reduce swelling. If there is bleeding, apply light pressure on the affected area for 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops.

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Children’s Dental Emergency Management in Casula

If your child has a dental emergency, please call your Casula dentist as soon as possible. We will accommodate your child and provide a prompt solution.

Visit your Casula dentist today!

Same-Day Dental Emergency Appointment Available in Casula

To book your dental emergency appointment in Casula, please call us on (02) 919 99695 or request your appointment online.

We are located at Shop 17A Casula Mall, 1 Ingham Drive in Casula.


Are temporary teeth important?
Milk teeth are essential for several reasons. Not only do they help children speak well and chew naturally, but they also guide the healthy teeth when they are ready to erupt.
How often should a child see a dentist?
A baby should start to visit the dentist when they reach six months old or when their first tooth emerges.
What constitutes a dental emergency?
A broken, chipped, fractured tooth, painful toothache, or other dental issues that cause your child acute or severe pain is considered an emergency. If your child experiences a dental emergency, give us a call immediately. We are here to assist when your child’s dental health is at risk.

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