Lost Fillings, Crowns or Inlay/Onlay

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Lost Dental Restorations Casula

Dental restorations bring back your teeth’s natural function and beauty. They stop dental issues from worsening, protecting you from more advanced damage.

Constructed from durable materials, dental restorations effectively participate in your teeth’s day-to-day routine.

At Casula Dental Care, we provide sturdy dental restorations that can last for a long time.

Commons Reasons for Dental Restoration Damage

Dental restorations can be damaged because of the following:

Z Natural Wear and Tear

Although made to be sturdy, restorations have their limitations. Over time, a series of chewing, grinding, biting, and other functions can weaken them and lead them to the point of breakage.

Z Abuse

Dental restorations may be sturdy and long-lasting, but that does not mean that you are free to use them as much as you can. Do not use your teeth as tools to break hard objects or open packages, for that can cause breakage.

Z Tooth Decay/Cavities

Tooth decay wears away the teeth until they can no longer support the dental restoration.

Z Faulty Dental Job

Going to the best dentist for you means getting proper dental treatment. Poor dental job can affect the functionality of dental restorations.


Broken Dental Restorations: First Aid Steps

Here’s what you can do:

  • Rinse your mouth well.
  • Remove all broken pieces left inside your mouth. When swallowed, they simply pass through the body, but breathing them in can cause an infection in your lungs.
  • Take over-the-counter pain reliever or apply clove oil to the affected tooth to alleviate pain and sensitivity.
  • See your Casula dentist immediately.

Dental Restoration Repair/Replacement at Casula Dental Care

Repairing your damaged dental restoration depends on the severity of the damage. If the damage is minor, your Casula dentist can fix it within the day. There are some cases in which a new dental restoration is called for.

Lost Dental Restorations in Casula

If you have lost or damaged your dental fillings, crown, or inlay/onlay and wish to see your Casula dentist as soon as possible, call us and set an appointment now.

Visit your Casula dentist today!

Same-Day Dental Emergency Appointment Available in Casula

To book your dental emergency appointment in Casula, please call us on (02) 919 99695 or request your appointment online.

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How can you tell if a tooth filling needs to be fixed?
If a tooth filling on the chewing surface causes pain and discomfort, it’s a symptom that the bonding agent is getting weaker. The same is true when a filling near the tongue forms an edge or has a distinct change in texture.
Can a permanent crown loosen?
Tooth fillings or crowns can sometimes loosen or totally come off. In most cases, a filling or crown comes loose if there are cavities under it.
How long do inlays/onlays last?
With proper care, inlays and onlays usually do not need to be replaced for 20 to 30 years.

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