Knocked-Out Tooth

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Knocked-Out Tooth Casula

A knocked-out tooth is a medical emergency; teeth are commonly lost in accidents, fights, sports injuries, or extreme play. More than five million teeth are knocked out annually, and it happens to people of all ages, typically due to accidents.

Prompt emergency action can save the tooth so that it can be replanted successfully and last for many years to come.

Causes of a Knocked-Out Tooth

Knocked-out teeth are commonly caused by:

  • Accidental fall
  • Fighting
  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Sports trauma
  • Biting on hard foods or objects

First Aid Measures for a Knocked-Out Tooth

Here are some tips for saving your tooth, from the time it comes out until you reach a dentist’s attention:

  • Hold the tooth by the crown, NOT the root – Secure the tooth immediately. Pick up the tooth carefully and DO NOT touch the root, only the crown.
  • Wash the tooth with clean, lukewarm water – Use lukewarm water to rinse off the dirt. Do not use any chemicals or soap, don’t scrub or let the tooth dry up, and do not wrap the tooth with a tissue or cloth.
  • Replant the tooth in the socket if possible – If a permanent tooth is avulsed, quickly reimplant the tooth. Gently push it with your fingers or place it above its socket and close your mouth slowly. Keep the tooth in place with your fingers or by biting down on it.
  • Always keep the tooth wet – the tooth must always be wet, either in your mouth or in a container. If it can’t be placed back in the socket, put in milk or tuck it in your mouth next to your cheek.

Knocked-Out Tooth Prevention

Follow these tips to prevent a broken or knocked-out tooth:

  • Wear a mouthguard when playing sports.
  • Avoid fights that may cause blows to the face.
  • Avoid biting hard on foods, such as bones, popcorn kernels, and do not bite your nails.
  • Always wear a seatbelt when driving.

Knocked-Out Tooth in Casula

If you have a knocked-out tooth, whether permanent or temporary, contact your dentist Casula immediately so we can treat the problem right away and prevent damage or infection.

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Same-Day Dental Emergency Appointment Available in Casula

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Does a broken tooth hurt?
When the outer parts of the tooth are broken, chewing can cause the pieces to move, and the pulp can become interrupted.

When biting pressure is released, the crack can close quickly, resulting in momentary, piercing pain.

Irritation of the pulp can occur many times by chewing.

In time, the pulp can become damaged until it can no longer heal itself.

The tooth will not only cause pain when chewing but may also become sensitive to extreme temperatures. In time, a broken tooth may begin to cause pain.

After treatment, will the broken tooth completely heal?
Unlike a fractured bone, a broken tooth will not heal itself.

Despite receiving treatment, some cracks may continue to spread towards different directions, resulting in tooth loss.

Placing a crown on a broken tooth provides maximum protection but does not guarantee success in all cases.

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